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The curved upper or radial surface can be adapted to the surface of the stator to enhance running smoothness. It is further possible to glue the laminations together to form a solid structure. The proposed wedge is a better alternative than a conventional non-magnetic wedge and also than a conventional magnetic wedge. The retaining portions 7 should project far enough into the stator slots 3 to secure the windings 4 inside the slots 3.

Stator winding of a generator at a hydroelectric power station. To reduce loading losses in motors, manufacturers invariably use copper as the conducting material in windings.

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The following detailed description, therefore, is not to be taken in a limiting sense, and the scope of the present invention is defined by the appended claims. The two wedges 6 can either fit closely or leave a gap in between.

The rotor circuit is shorted and current flows in the rotor conductors.

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Of course, glue can applied to both face sides 11 of the laminations The stator has the same advantages and modifications as the previously described wedge. The wedge is attached to a top or radial surface of the stator which allows more freedom in the mechanical and electro-magnetic design of the wedge.

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Face sides of the slices or sections 10 have their surfaces treated to insulate electrically two neighbouring slices or sections The stator of a generator according to claim 1 wherein a recess is provided in a top surface of a stator tooth. The spacer 12 can be a convex part of the face side 11 of the section The spacer can be integrally formed with the wedge section, for example as part of a face side.

The first DC generators known as dynamos and DC motors put the field coils on the stator, and the power generation or motive reaction coils on the rotor. Because of their solid preformed structure, these coils need to be inserted radially into the slots.

This equation applies to induced voltage in the rotor bars. Furthermore, the cooling of the generator may be enhanced for forced air cooling generators.

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The stator 2 has a cylindrical shape. The stator tooth 5 defines side walls of the openings of the neighbouring stator slots 3. The wedge may comprise several sections in a longitudinal direction, wherein the sections are spaced apart from each other by a spacer to insulate them from each other by the provided air gap distance.

The single laminations 10 can be insulated from neighbouring laminations 10 by the glue or by surface treatment. InFrancis Watkins describes an electrical "toy" he created; he is generally regarded as one of the first to understand the interchangeability of motor and generator.

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To insert the wedge above the coils and close the open slots, the stator laminations have recesses inside the stator slots near the slot opening. It is to be understood that other embodiments may be utilized and structural or logical changes may be made without departing from the scope of the present invention.

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During operation of the generator 1 the material and arrangement of the wedges 6 optimizes the electro-magnetic properties of the generator 1 and thereby reduces vibration and noise. The stator slots 3 accommodate preformed windings 4. The laminations are to reduce hysteresis and stator slots number current losses. This can be used as an alternative to surface treatment.

Placing the field coils on the rotor allows for an inexpensive slip ring mechanism to transfer high-voltage, low current power to the rotating field coil.

Stator slots number