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News Our Brand new CS7 coaster pager for customers and casino paging system and our new T transmitter has a unique 'Acknowledge' feature that tells the paging system if the 'page' has been received by the pager - with obvious advantages - this is unique to LRS and this makes all competitive products obsolete overnight!

ChefCall Paging System The ChefCall restaurant paging system is a great tool for the kitchen staff and serving staff to communicate.

You can also program a unlimited amount of canned messages for quick paging from any PC. It's easy to contact us!

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Casino Pagers Casinos Our Casino Restaurant Paging Systems are the perfect tool to help your business improve customer service and increase your overall profits. The Inter Page Wireless Paging Systems can be extremely helpful in a fast-paced environment where quick decisions need to be made in order to please your customers. Why have them wait in line when they could be gambling?

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Customer Paging Solutions Ideal where customers are waiting: Most of all, there are no monthly fees. The software allows for an casino paging system amount of canned messages and recipients.

Coaster Pagers Our coaster restaurant paging systems are reliable, easy to use, and quick to respond.

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Our pagers will notify waiting customers for restaurant seating and gaming tables. Software, hardware and pagers are warranted against manufactures defects for one year. Please check back soon.

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If you need to cover a large building, simply adding a 5 watt repeater will boost the coverage radius up to 1 mile or more clear line of site. Casino Paging Solutions In the competitive world of casinos, customer service is what differentiates you from others.

This software is a perfect communication tool for a small office environment. Your guest will have the freedom to roam about, or visit the bar area for a cocktail while they are waiting to be seated.

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We offer a complete line of communications solutions aimed at enhancing customer service and increasing your bottom line. InterPage Enterprise messaging software allows users to configure a pager recipient list that contains on- pagers, wide are pagers or internet email addresses.

The Web interface, included at no charge with the unlimited user version of Enterprise messaging software turns any computer or smart phone on the network into a paging terminal without having to install the actual client software on a computer.

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All this can be accomplished with our Coaster pagers for waiting guests, to the Table Call System for communication between your Patrons and serving staff, to the ChefCall paging system for communication between the Kitchen and serving staff. At the push of a button, the kitchen staff can send a signal to the servers that the food is ready, thereby improving the efficiency, and avoiding mishaps with the food getting cold.

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Page from a stand alone transmitter, a phone, or even a PC with a built in waitlist that also sends SMS text messages. Please check our new offers The recipient groups can be pre-configured in the Server application or configured at the individual clients. Each button is programmed to signal a wrist watch receiver with the table number and for the type of service needed.

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And we have now released our CS6 customer and patient pager with most features from the CS7. Single User Alphanumeric Messenger Software Our single user messenger software is a simple yet effective way to communicate with staff.

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