Argument on gambling,

In contrast to that, John W. You get the idea. To equate gambling with excessive crime and suicide is a fallacy; a mere attempt at drawing sympathy for the cause. According to the Addiction Awareness Institution, the average rate of divorce for problem gamblers is nearly double that of non-gamblers, sixty-five percent of gamblers commit crimes to support their gambling habit, and the suicide rate for gamblers is twenty times that of non-gamblers.

Others just enjoy the games.

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For many, it's a symbol of luxury. Not only is it immoral, but it doesn't work well in practice either note: Have you ever asked what is the root of all money?

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Our founding fathers chanted "No taxation without representation! The casino actually draws people to spend more money. I'm sure there couldn't be anything worse than this.

It actually diverts money away from local businesses. No, it is not wrong because people over do-it. The question is do you want fun and games, addicted gamblers, crime, and suicide, or do you want economic development and international financial stability?

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Report this Argument Pro Quote: In the opening round, PRO has failed to address how all types of gambling are immoral or unnecessary. We were once a nation which strongly denounced gambling for the vice that it is. Again, PRO still failed to discuss the lottery as a prominent and most popular type of gambling.

It is not also especially common. Entertainment Equating gambling - a personal hobby - with the ancient practice of beheading individuals is quite the stretch, even for PRO. I'll await my opponent's response before explaining further The act affects only those who willingly choose to play games that involve the transaction of money.

Big Issues

The government has already taken measures to regulate this practice. Why is their a smoking age? Over every 78 million dollars spent on running a casino, our economy gets back 1 million.

The government does this with various businesses every single day via taxation. Thus, because gambling in no way supports our economy, proves excessively dangerous, and is strongly supported legally, I urge all representatives to vote for this resolution. Why are drugs banned?

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This would indicate that obesity is in fact more dangerous than gambling consider the health problems, at least and yet PRO has not advocated that the government step in and try to close down fast food or unhealthy restaurants. Gambling in America So some Americans once thought of gambling as a vice? Because banning gambling is a huge infringement upon people's rights, the govt.

The government should promote public virtue not seduce its citizens to gamble in state-sponsored vice.

Recent Opinions

Is that a viable excuse to keep this detrimental practice around? Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many grief's as stated in the Bible. Further, not every gambler becomes obsessed with this so-called vice, just as not everyone who enjoys McDonalds is obese.

Attempting to legally ban it would have detrimental effects on the government and society. And by the way, not everything has to support our economy or be safe in order for it to be legal even though gambling DOES contribute to the economy, and is not physically dangerous. Clearly stealing is deemed inherently immoral in our society, whereas video games and gambling are not.

Does this mean we should have kept it around? How people go about sustaining that hobby i. Fortunately, 'freedom' is a benefit of citizenship in this country. And what is over-doing it anyway, and who cares? I'd like people to keep in mind that the government exists to protect US and not vice versa.

There have been 9 laws trying to completely BAN gambling.