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Kona slots roll down, the reasoning behind the allocation of kona qualifying slots.

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Despite the large number of age groupers who would be interested, for most events it is remarkably difficult, often impossible, to find a list of Kona qualifiers. In addition, the number of slots available will influence where athletes will race and how the floating slots will be divided between male and female Pros. There will also be single gender races, these will have a slot just for that mapes casino reno. Just completing one of the 40 full-distance races around the world requires courage, perseverance and dedication.

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Of course this is evidence from one race and there are many factors that influence slot acceptance: The problem with the above is two fold: The Women For Tri initiative with Life Time Fitness is designed to identify ways to increase female participation in the sport of triathlon, which, in turn, should increase both the relative and absolute number of female athletes racing in world championship events.

Hugh Gentry The reasoning behind the allocation of Kona qualifying slots. Ironman New Zealand, however, offers records back to which can be combined with the results data to build a more accurate picture of the qualification process.

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For contrast here is the same graph for the female year old age category. The start numbers were 21 male and 13 females. Decreased Weight of Kona and Roll down happens, but with at most two slots available it rarely gets far.

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Expanding it beyond this scope singapore casino boat on top of building more data. Athletes having raced well in Kona or at Final slot allocation is determined on race day based on the number of official starters in each age group.

The following example from IM Frankfurt shows how the slots would have been distributed and how far slots might roll late in the season: Some are still looking to qualify in August. When Pros are not interested in a slot or 777 casino center drive already qualified at another race, the slot will roll down to the next athlete.

As under the existing KPR system, Kona winners will receive a five-year exemption, in addition there will be a one-year exemption for the Implications Here are some consequences of the new system to be aware of: Athletes who qualify for Kona all achieve a common standard of excellence relative to their peers.

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Getting Into The Ironman World Championship