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The lessons homero blackjack learned about totalitarianism far outweighed the knowledge he acquired of the local flora and fauna. Schweitzer's condemnation of atomic and hydrogen testing in his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo electrified the world.

Into his mid-seventies, he lent his indomitable energy to local civil rights projects in Chester, the continuing campaign against apartheid in South Africa including being arrested at the embassy in Washingtonand efforts to prevent the war in the Persian Gulf. David Rhys Williams, had earned his own reputation as a fiery orator and champion of labor, civil rights, and pacifism.

Dana Greeley, and Homer occasionally joined by centenarian Rev. As the drums of war started beating, he was one of the few Rochester clergymen to support Homer's anti-war activities. Once again, Homer found himself homero blackjack the corridors of the United Nations, where he lobbied delegates on arms control and religious freedom, ghost wrote speeches for Security Council members, and founded the NGO Committee on Disarmament.

As an only child, Homer shared his parents' radicalism, distrust of organized religion, and worship of nature. The civil rights struggle during this period centered around desegregating public housing for thousands of returning black veterans and their families.

Though his condition was untreatable, he attempted to control the symptoms with a macrobiotic dietary approach, as had Dana Greeley, who had died from colon cancer a few years earlier.

InHomer accepted a call to the Unitarian Church of Evanston and his family, now including two small children, moved to the North Shore. At Cornell, Homer kept in touch with the radiant sociology major at Oberlin College, and in the young couple were wed.

On August largest casino in south korea,Homer passed away quietly at home with his children, Alex and Lucy; step-daughter, Renate; and Ingebord, by his side. The turning point in SANE's campaign to win over public opinion was a public relations campaign featuring Dr.

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In Nashville, Homer and Nathan Wright, a young Negro social worker from Cincinnati, boarded a midnight train traveling to Louisville and sat together in the whites only section. Homer spoke out against racism and war, especially the strategic bombing of civilians by both sides and other atrocities.

The conductor said it was impossible.

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In New Delhi, India, and Bandung, Indonesia, site of the nonaligned conference ofHomer met Prime Minister Nehru who was also to become an ally in the campaign to end nuclear testing, along with Albert Einstein, Bertrand Russell, and other great humanitarians.

King for the first time. Over the years, Esther's father, Rev.

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In and the city voted overwhelmingly for Dwight D. During the height of the McCarthy era, the Norman Vincent Peale years, and the Ozzie and Harriet reign on television, the Unitarian Church, under Homer's auspices, became a cauldron for innovative ideas and social change.

However, the rise of the black power movement following King's assassination split the denomination into bitter factions. Eisenhower over native son Adlai Stevenson, the Governor of Illinois and a fellow Unitarian, whom Homer worked with on many occasions. He edited the Rochester No-War News and helped organize a rally that attracted people.

During his tenure church membership rose from toand so many people came that Homer had to hold two services on Sunday mornings until a new sanctuary could be built. As the UUA closed ranks, a new conservative administration took power and Homer was fired.

Jack, a young Cornell graduate student, found himself teaching at a small college in Athens. At his bedside, Homer promised his father that he would always fight against war, racial intolerance, and economic injustice.

But Homer and Nathan would not move and, to their relief, the journey proceeded without incident. Despite being the site of abolitionist crusader John Brown's "Free Kansas" movement, Lawrence was violently anti-Negro and anti-labor.

In one riot known as the Airport Homes Incident, Homer's car was overturned and looted by a mob of local whites. As these political and personal forces converged in his life, Homer abandoned a career in science for the ministry.

Anthony, the leader of the suffragist movement. Three months later, Kennedy died in a hail of bullets in Dallas. At Monroe High School in the early s, Homer met Esther Rhys Williams, the daughter of the local Unitarian minister and lead actress in many school plays. Black people were not allowed to sing in the University of Kansas choir because "their voices are different," the university football team would not accept black players, and the local hotel refused to serve Negroes, even at a private breakfast for the ministerial council.

In Moscow, the authorities confiscated his camera, in Germany and Austria he witnessed overt anti-Semitism, and in Italy he observed ominous signs of spreading fascism. Returning to Chicago from Lawrence, Homer accepted the position as executive secretary of the Chicago Council Against Racial and Religious Discrimination and for nearly five years worked tirelessly for racial justice, not only for Negroes but also for Mexican-Americans, Japanese-Americans resettling in the Midwest from relocation campsand other minorities.

For several years in his late sixties Homer served as minister of the North Shore Unitarian Fellowship in Winnetka, just north of Evanston. Homer's lifelong support of religious and racial tolerance was hailed in a series of special lectures he gave in Japan. Homer Jack with Adalai Stevenson In Miami, meanwhile, Homer's father was dying of heart disease and Homer went to Florida to be with him in his final days.