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Lee and Carter arrive and a scuffle between them and Ricky ensues after he confesses that he killed Lee's father and mocks him for only asking Ricky to spare Lee's life before he died. But we've got some new stuff coming, so we'll see what happens. Production for Rush Hour 3[ edit ] Rush Hour 3 was officially announced on May 7,and filming began on July 4, At its best, Rush Hour 2 compares favorably to Chan's glossiest Hong Kong hits, and when the action moves to Las Vegas where Don Cheadle makes an unbilled cameothe movie goes into high-pitched hyperdrive, riding an easy wave of ambitious stuntwork and broad, derivative humor.

The mobsters are waiting for them and knock the two cops unconscious, with Molina looking on. Don Cheadle only agreed to appear in this movie under two circumstances: In the film, while Tucker's character is running up the stairs, the old woman shouts, "Move out of the way, Kobe" to him.

The scene where Jackie Chan and Tucker are running down the street naked in Hong Kong was an actual take; production could not block the street off for the shoot. In the penthouse, Reign opens the safe and takes the plates, running into Ricky as he leaves.

It'd be too much to pay me, Chris [Tucker], and Jackie [Chan] to come back. It has been reported that the fourth film may rush hour casino scene set in Moscow.

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Even so, some of it "escaped" from the set and eventually ended rush hour casino scene in a few casinos in Las Vegas. Lee attempts to find the engraving plates which were used to make the counterfeit money, while Carter makes a distraction to help Lee sneak past the security.

He tells them that a usually broke customer recently came into his establishment with a suspicious amount of hundred-dollar bills. Director Brett Ratner, a big fan of Jackie Chan's Hong Kong movies, felt that American audiences would not be familiar with the jokes in Jackie's other movies, and deliberately re-used some of his gags.

During the filming of the stunt where Lee and Carter jump from the top window of the Red Dragon hotel then slide down the wires of Chinese Lanterns, a real i. Ratner felt the speech was not working and told Tucker to call her a "bitch".

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The gangster's car has a license plate of 32 and when Lee spits the grenade onto the roulette table it lands on 32 when it explodes. Customs agents inside of it.

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Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia's inclusion policy. However, at the airport, Carter gets Lee to return to LA with him.

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During takes, he went up as entertainment for everyone. The scene where Chan and Tucker run in the streets was inspired by a scene in The Accidental Spy which Chan made before this movie.

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Rush Hour 2 Rush Hour 2 retains the appeal of its popular predecessor, so it's easily recommended to fans of its returning stars, Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. New Line Cinema was confident in Ratner's talents, having done Money Talks with him, so they made a hard commitment to a budget and start date for Rush Hour.

Chan served as her translator on the set. Tucker ad-libbed many different versions of his short speech to Hu Li at the end of their fight.

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Suddenly, Lee's office that Carter was in is bombed, causing Lee to believe he's dead and grieve for him. An angry Sterling holds Lee responsible for Ricky's death, and orders him off the case.

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The two escape on the makeshift zipline as Hu Li kills herself in the explosion. Apparently, a carload of drunken tourists the set was in Las Vegas got into an altercation with a taxi driver, and the two cars began a chase that ran down the strip and onto the set, narrowly missing crew members, extras and an enormous crane which held a camera and crew.

I think we might be able to get one going.

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On the plane, Carter tells Lee that in every large criminal operation, there is a rich white man behind it and that man is Steven Reign, a billionaire Los Angeles hotelier whom Carter saw acting suspiciously on Ricky's boat. The Last Stand would have cost more than X-Men: Ratner saw the film and decided to include a similar scene in Rush Hour 2 Tucker refused to act like Michael Jackson with the cameras running.

Ricky, who was suspected of having a role in elder Lee's death although never provenis now a leader of the Triads. James Lewwho worked on the stunts for all 3 films, was a stunt coordinator for the series.

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