Cross lake shreveport slot limit. Cross Lake Slot limit

Yep with Cypress and Black folks go out and harvest fish most every day of the week. Maybe they have trouble getting past 17 inches. Fishing on Cross Lake is very popular for different varieties of fish.

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The Lake is used by the city of Shreveport as its water supply. The west end offers cypress trees, grass beds, lily pads, and some fishing in heavy cover. I've heard several others with similar problems. There is no boat ramp fee at this location.

Even though the lake has several privately owned boat ramps, the most popular is the city owned ramp on South Lakeshore Drive.

Cross Lake in Shreveport Louisiana

This program provides replicas for larger bass caught, with a declining cost to the fishermen as the size increases. Across the winter, jigs produce quality catches and can result in fish ranging up to 10 or more pounds. The spinnerbait will also produce when fishing cypress trees.

Concentrating on the main lake; fish can be caught on docks, rock banks, scattered cypress trees, grass lines, and coves that have lily pads. The west end of the lake is heavily populated with cypress trees but can be navigated easily at slow speeds.

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In addition, fishing within feet of a boat dock is not allowed after sunset. Shayne on May 07, Florida bass fingerlings are released into the lake each spring. It is about one mile wide and nine miles long, and covers approximately 8, acres.

I read somewhere recently that some lakes have the ability to grow big bass and others don't. If you can deal with the slot, which can get very frustrating during tournaments, Cross Lake is an excellent place to fish.

These pilings have footings a few feet under the water, making a wider base. Bass fishing on Cross Lake offers a wide variety of choices. Cross Lake is a fairly shallow lake with the average depth being approximately 10 feet.

Flipping and pitching soft plastic works well during the summer months, especially if the docks have cover added by residents of the area. Now I'm not saying Cross is evergoing to be Fork, but there are some good fish. Maybe the genes just aren't' there The genes are there, some very nice fish have been hooked from the city watering hole. This in conjunction with nature makes room for the slot fish to grow.

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The majority of the lake is open water with banks lined with boat docks and scattered cypress trees. Cross Lake is easily accessed. Now if we could cut some lanes in the grass, life on cross would be good!

Bass, bream, white perch, and catfish are the main attractants.

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Ever wounder way the local wild life and fisheries thinks Black Bayou is the only Slot lake around here that works? If any lake or body of water only has a set amount of forage any given year and the vast majority of the predator fish survive year after year, sooner or later the growth rate will stagnate.

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That means you have to keep fish under the slot and even pull a few over the slot from time to time. Exiting off of Interstatewhich is a loop interchange that goes north of Shreveport and Bossier City, on Lakeshore Drive takes you to the lake.

A special boat permit is required to allow you on the water and it can be obtained from the Cross Lake Patrol Office on South Lakeshore Drive. Nothing world class but I've seen a few 8's and 9's and have hooked 15 to 20 5 and 6's myself. The summer months will find fishermen concentrating on the top water or spinnerbait bite in the early morning and late evening, and on the boat docks during the middle of the day.

The bass population is in really good shape, with stocking operations taking place on an annual basis.

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For more information about Cross Lake, you can visit these links: For me, it is one of the big attractions for Shreveport. In the spring and fall, spinnerbaits are a key bait to have in your arsenal. Flipping or pitching soft plastic and letting it fall off of the footing is very enticing to the bass that hang out in this area. Cross Lake is not open to all night fishing, with the lake being off-limits between 1:

Cross lake shreveport slot limit